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Up and Coming African Travel Influencers you should be Following

Africa is home to many of the world’s most beautiful and culturally-rich destinations, with its people being just as diverse as its landscapes. Creators from the continent share the African travel narrative by showing us the world through their eyes, showcasing the Motherland and beyond. Aduke is a Paris-based blogger originally from Benin. She shared her U.S. travels while living in Miami and has taken her followers along with her on journeys to Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, the Bahamas, Thailand, Canada, South Africa, U.S., France, and U.A.E. Hailing from Cameroon, content creator Jay‘s ultra vivid, stylish feed is sure to impress. He has documented his travels to countries like Kenya, Ivory Coast, U.A.E., South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, and Rwanda— with crisp, colorful photos and videos that will no doubt make you want to hit the follow button. Deborah and Jonah are a D.C. and Miami-based Eritrean mother-son duo who have been traveling the world together since Jonah was 17 months old. Jonah is now seven and has been to ten different countries, including Thailand, South Africa, Eritrea, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the U.A.E. Deborah and Jonah are also authors of children’s books inspired by their adventures. Aya is a South African travel blogger exploring her home country as well as others, such as Spain, Zimbabwe, France, and Greece. Alhaji, the Ghanaian Backpacker, travels all over Ghana, proudly showing off the beauty of his country. His bright, dynamic feed showcases the country’s food, attractions, history, and nature, taking followers on a virtual tour of the different regions of Ghana. Tariro is a Zimbabwean vlogger, who, along with her twin sister, launched Afronomads to create content primarily focusing on African travel. She has traveled to countries like South Africa, Botswana, India, Tanzania, Zambia, U.A.E., Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, and Eswatini, proudly highlighting the beauty of many African nations.