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Unspoken Rules For Women Climbing The Public Service Ladder In Africa

Free Training Workshop for Female Civil Servants in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company launched the Women Heads of State Initiative last month, and as part of the initiative they are delivering unprecedented, free, open-enrollment, virtual training for women, early in their careers as government civil servants in any of Africa’s 54 countries. 

Teresa Clarke, Chair of said “the goal of this training initiative is to empower female civil servants in their professional careers, while strengthening civil service in Africa.”

The first of these virtual training sessions, Unspoken Rules for Women Climbing the Public Service Ladder in Africa, will take place on Thursday, 28 April 2022, starting at 15:00 South Africa time.

Patricia Obozuwa, Vice President for Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability in Africa for The Coca-Cola Company, will open the workshop with remarks on how to Kick-Start Your Career in Public Service.

“We are happy to be supporting this training workshop, which is an excellent opportunity for us to advance gender equality and build the capacity of thousands of emerging African leaders in the civil service. Women empowerment is one of the focus areas under our sustainability platform, JAMII where we commit to unlock economic opportunities for women across the continent,” said Obozuwa. 

Next up is Christopher Stone, Professor of Practice of Public Integrity, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford, on the topic: Advancing a Culture of Integrity. Professor Stone will talk with several women who are currently working in public service, about how they have successfully navigated their careers while maintaining integrity and their own personal value system.

The final segment brings back to the platform, Gorick Ng, Harvard Career Advisor and WSJ Best Selling Author. Gorick Ng delivered a phenomenal training session for women in the private sector last October as part of the Women Leading Corporate Africa initiative. During this training session, Gorick will deliver an engaging and interactive presentation on How to Stand Out in Public Service.

“By equipping young women with practical skills to advance their careers, we believe that we can contribute to an increase in the number of women rising through the ranks of civil service in Africa,” added Laura Joseph, Managing Director of  

The Women Heads of State Initiative Training Programme is intended to equip junior women with practical skills to excel in the civil service realm. The initiative lends itself best to focusing on pragmatic career advice topics that are universal across countries, and across all levels and functions of government. expects to continue working with faculty of Harvard and Oxford in the development of specific training curriculum and the overall training initiative. 

For more information, and free registration, visit: