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Unrest Orchestrated By Criminals – ANCVL

The unrest currently taking place was orchestrated by pure criminals, said ANC Veterans League president Snuki Zikalala.

Zikalala said those who are responsible for such criminality must be held accountable.

“It is orchestrated and it’s up to law enforcement agencies to hunt these criminals and ensure that they face the consequences,” Zikalala said.

“It unacceptable that in our democratic dispensation we have this mass looting and destruction of property. This is costing the economy, it’s going to be difficult to recover.

“We’ve seen happen in Zimbabwe and other countries. We never thought it would happen in our country. We are happy that the army has been deployed. We hope and insist that those who are behind all of this must be court and face the consequences.”

Electricity and water infrastructure have come under attack. 

The Independent Communications Authority said 113 cellphone towers have been vandalised.