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Eskom power

Unplanned Generating Unit Losses Remain High – Eskom

Eskom’s CEO Andre de Ruyter gave another update on the power crisis as the utility battles to keep the lights on.

Eskom said that its unplanned generating unit losses remained high and as a result, rolling power cuts would be ramped up to stage 3.

Stage three blackouts await the country between 5pm and 10pm for the next two days.

“The full load losses across the generation fleet that are hampering us at the moment and making it very difficult for us to meet the demand during peak hours,” De Ruyter said.

The utility’s Jan Oberholzer has added that over the past weekend more generation capacity was lost.

“On Saturday, eight of our generators suffered breakdowns – Lethabo 3 and 6, Majuba 1 and 4, Tutuka 4, Camden 1, Hendrina 2 as well as Arnot 1. Of those, only Majuba 1 has returned successfully to the grid,” Oberholzer explained.