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Unlocking Digital Innovation for Net Zero

The transition to net -zero has to start with big business and it has to start now. These are the views from the ‘Unlocking digital innovations for net-zero’ panel at the annual World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland. Composed of chief executives from the telecommunications, petroleum and data management sector, speakers such as Shell’s Upstream Director, Zoe Yujnovich called for bold moves to begin the transition, “deep carbonisation isn’t possible without complete digitization of the supply chain’, she said. In their recommendations for companies to start the process, the panel was unanimous that it all starts with data. Executives need to measure their carbon footprint and set reachable targets according to months and not years. Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Banking Head of Digital, Pieter Swiegers says, “although the focus of the talk was on the European context, the lessons can be applied to African companies. The panel’s recommendations show how the Standard Bank group is on track in playing its part for reaching net-zero”. As a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB), Standard Bank is committed to ensuring that our business strategy is consistent with and contributes to society’s needs and priorities, as expressed by the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement, the AU’s Agenda 2063, and sustainable banking frameworks in our countries of operation.