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United States Denies Paying for President Ruto’s Jet to America

A United States spokesperson has revealed that the US government did not fund Kenyan President Ruto’s trip to the country. Ruto, who began his four-day trip to the US on Monday, had chartered a $1.5 million private jet for himself and his entourage, which had over 30 people. When news broke about the jet’s alleged cost, a government spokesman Isaac Mwaura justified the expense, arguing that the visit will accrue benefits that far outweigh the cost. While there is no official explanation for the government’s decision to charter a jet, there have been safety concerns about his presidential plane which is almost 30 years old. Regardless, the government’s decision to charter such an expensive jet has led to widespread criticism. Kenyans are confounded about Mr. Ruto’s decision given the country’s cost-of-living crisis and his government’s austerity measures, which includes plans to introduce new taxes.