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Unions Demand 10% Increase

The Public Servants Association says it simply wants public servants to be paid enough to survive.

Unions representing the country’s 1.3 million public servants want a 10 percent salary hike but government is only offering a 1.8 percent increase.

The PSA also wants essential workers to be able to join the strike and pressure government to give into their demands.

“We are approaching the essential services committee so they can even enter into a minimum service agreement so even the essential service workers can also exercise their right to strike,” said Reuben Maleka.

“We want to see police officers, health workers able to strike. That is the law in terms of what it says about essential service provisions where it says unions can always approach essential service committees to say let’s enter an agreement where workers can also strike.

“This is the moment where public services can unite and get what they deserve.”