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‘Unhappy’ ANC Accepts Northern Cape Election Outcome

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Northern Cape has acknowledged the results of the provincial election where they secured 49.3% of the vote and consequently lost their majority.

ANC provincial chairperson, Zamani Saul, stated on Friday that a thorough analysis would be conducted to identify their missteps.

He attributed the defeat to low voter participation and what he described as apparent political arrogance within the party.

Some dissenting members also rejected the ANC’s push for renewal and its anti-corruption agenda.

Saul remarked that the unsatisfactory results “was just a little setback” and insisted that the party still held the popular mandate, hence an ANC government was the only possibility.

He expressed confidence that the party would rebound, fortify its branches, and set its sights on the 2026 municipal elections.

Given the split vote result, the ANC plans to enter coalition discussions with other parties to form the seventh administration.

However, Saul emphasized that the ANC would not compromise on the premier’s position since the party received the popular vote.

“That’s what we are raising, that we are not happy with the outcomes. We expected better outcomes. We earned the guarantee and assurances that we had given to our supporters that we are going to turn things around. For us, this is a rude awakening and have to turn things around.”

Saul confirmed his ongoing role as premier and his commitment to ensuring stability for the seventh administration.