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Understanding the Opinions of Africa’s Rising Generation

On the heels of Africa Day and the conclusion of Africa Month (May 2023), the Ichikowitz Foundation’s globally celebrated African Youth Survey reports that nearly half (46%) of the continent’s young people have never heard about the historic, recently-declared African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Just over one-in-five young Africans (22%) indicated that they are very or somewhat familiar with AfCFTA, one-in-five are skeptical about AfCFTA making a difference in their country’s economic situation, while 15% suspect it will in fact make matters worse, the Africa Youth Survey found. The African Youth Survey also reflects strong support among the continent’s rising generation for free enterprise. An astounding 78% of respondents say they plan to open their own business in the next five years. While 44% of respondents have suggested that they have considered emigrating in order to pursue better economic opportunities in other countries, the AfCTFA could change this picture once its full effects are seen, supporters – including the United Nations – of the agreement have speculated.