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Uncertain Timescale for Homeless Mamelodi Flood Victims’ Housing

Some Mameoldi flood victims, according to Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brink, are still without a place to live more than a year after the devastation rains.

The city is still under fire for allegedly failing to help the flood victims, with accusations that their need for new dwellings has been neglected.

After their homes were destroyed by flooding in February of last year, a large number of individuals were evacuated to communal facilities.

Brink stated that discussions to aid the impacted areas in rebuilding were still ongoing.

“The city has acquired land, and we are currently in the consultation process with the impacted communities so that stands can be allotted and people can be given safe, respectable living areas with the possibility of receiving services in the future. Making firm commitments to state something will happen on dates x and y is tough, but progress can be tracked.