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UN Special Adviser Warns of Genocide Risk in Sudan

The UN special adviser on genocide prevention, Alice Nderitu, has warned that Sudan shows classic signs of a country with an impending genocide. She further stated that it could already be occurring. Nderitu made this claim on Tuesday while she was addressing the UN Security Council. She claimed that civilians in the Sudanese cities of Darfur and El Fasher are being targeted, whether for death or hate speech, based on their skin color and ethnicity. She revealed that the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, which is at war with the Sudanese Armed Forces, announce their intention to target certain locations. This announcement, she argued, could constitute a clear intent to destroy, a crucial factor of determining whether a genocide has been committed. Nderitu emphasized the urgent need to protect civilians and urged immediate international action to prevent further atrocities, noting the severe humanitarian crisis exacerbated by the ongoing 13-month conflict.