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UjuziNet is Helping Farmers Better Manage their Operations

Tanzanian software and applications startup UjuziNet Group has a variety of offerings, but its core brand is Mazao Hub, an SaaS-based digital agriculture and farm ERP platform to manage farmers, farming activities and control complex farm operations. Founded in 2021 by Adelard Josephat Urassa and Geophrey Tenganamba, UjuziNet is based on the premise that modern customers are demanding quicker services and support, and want to automate their core business processes. “Our focus is Africa, and we all know that Africa is filled with SMEs. SMEs in Africa and beyond is the fastest growing segment in the cloud-based ERP platform space. They are all looking for solutions which are affordable, customisable, flexible, easy to use, that have close support and fit their business environment,” Tenganamba said. UjuziNet aims to do just that, with its first core brand being Mazao Hub. The platform helps farmers make data-driven decisions to optimise cost and improve yields. It allows users to map contract farmers, manage an entire farm’s activities and related inventories, and manage and monitor harvest. Available on Android, the service already has users across Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.