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Uganda’s Police are Getting More Calls from People Finding Abandoned Babies in the City

They say at least 30 youngsters below the age of 8 are dumped in the city every month. The crime of abandoning babies has put an extra burden on foster care homes who depend on charity. According to the 2022 Police crime report the institution recorded an increase of 23 percent in child desertion crime. Local authorities blame the crime of abandoning babies on fathers denying paternity, unwanted pregnancies and parents struggling to afford to keep them. And after failing to trace their parents, police place the babies in foster care homes. But most of these childcare institutions are overcrowded. To reduce the burden, police officers are trying to educate communities about the dangers of unintended pregnancies. The Uganda government has also set aside a fund for low income earners. With these interventions local authorities believe they will empower young mothers financially so that they can take care of their children. But also reduce the number of babies that are left abandoned.