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Uganda’s New Thrill Seeking Adventure

The idea of sitting in an inflated rubber ring and floating reluctantly isn’t new but at the source of the world longest river — the Nile, people are just discovering tubing. Here the leisure sport was introduced by water tourism enthusiast Adam Bafirawala who is also the founder of the activities of Tubing the Nile. “I grew up with that inspiration of being a tour guide. I was studying something quite related to waterborne activities. So, it was in 2015 that I came up with the idea of Tubing the Nile and it is a new activity in Uganda.” The tubes used are locally available from old vehicle tyres and for a single trip one parts with 25 US dollars. The tubes are fastened together to make up a team of ten and the kayaker rows as the lead. They are given safety precautions before setting off. On a weekend, Tubing the Nile can host up to fifty tourists. The sporting hobby is an income generator for Adam and a boost for a country that continues to discover its tourism potential.