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Ugandan Opposition Cooped Up in His Home

Uganda’s defeated presidential candidate Bobi Wine has tweeted that he and his family are “under house arrest and stuck with an 18-month-old baby”. Bobi Wine tweeted that the baby’s father had been blocked from going into the compound. He added that they had run out of food and milk. Soldiers have surrounded the politician’s home claiming that he could incite his supporters if he leaves the compound. On Monday, US Ambassador was blocked from visiting Wine in what the Ugandan government calls a move by the United States of trying to “subvert” last week’s presidential elections. On Tuesday, Wine’s lawyers filed a petition in the high court challenging the legality of detaining Wine and his wife without charge. Kristof Tetica, a professor of international development at the University of Antwerp, noted Museveni’s relations with the international community took a turn for the worse since November, when the president blamed anti-government demonstrations on “foreign groups and homosexuals”. He added donor support from the international community has been crucial to Museveni’s government since the mid-1980s. “Particularly, the US has been a key ally of Uganda. On average they support Uganda with $970m a year, they’ve given military support. The country is seen as a key source of stability in the region, and that has given Uganda leeway for transgressions like corruption,” Tetica told Al Jazeera.