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Ugandan Mayor Urges the World Bank to Press for the Prompt Completion of Projects it Finances

Contractors in western Uganda have been ordered by the World Bank to finish their projects by the specified dates. The World Bank’s senior urban development specialist, Mr. Stephen John Ajalu, said in a statement that contractors, particularly in Kabale Municipality, must “ensure that ongoing works are kept within agreed project timelines” at the beginning of a two-week inspection of the status of road construction works in important municipalities, including Mbarara City in western Uganda. The World Bank Mission is now in western Uganda to assess the status of some of the $360 million projects there funded by the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) Additional Financing initiative. The review’s overall goal is to evaluate the status of various activities, including infrastructure, the impact of swept resources on activity implementation, the identification of stalled activities and the planned actions to resume implementation, and evaluation of fiduciary issues, such as the financial situation, outstanding procurements, and contract management. The Kabale Municipality Mayor, Mr. Sentaro Byamugisha, requested the World Bank to press for the prompt completion of projects it finances during the review procedure, stressing that delays in road infrastructure have a multiplier effect on companies.