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Ugandan Judge to Serve in Chinese Court

China’s Supreme Court has hired Uganda’s former Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, as a member of its expert committee on adjudication of international commercial disputes. Justice Katureebe will sit on the committee for the next four years. He retired from Uganda’s Supreme Court in June after reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70 years. “I am profoundly excited about this appointment, for it is a high-level committee that will keep me professionally connected,” he is quoted as saying in a statement tweeted by Uganda’s judiciary. The expert committee, established in August 2018, is part of the China International Commercial Court (CICC) which is an organ of China’s Supreme Court. The committee is comprised of 31 leaders of international organisations, legal experts, scholars, judges and lawyers selected from different countries, the statement by Uganda’s judiciary added. It mediates international commercial disputes assigned to it, provides legal opinion on foreign laws when asked and gives advice on the future of the CICC. The Chinese embassy in Uganda has congratulated Justice Katureebe on his appointment.