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Ugandan Filmmaker Eyes New Africa Narrative After Disney Animation Deal

It’s all about changing the narrative for Ugandan animator, Raymond Malinga, and a new deal with Disney Plus is a step in the right direction. Later this year, the streaming channel will debut a collection of animated sci-fi or fantasy films, all produced by African creatives. With a project by Malinga’s Creatures Animation in the mix, he sees a growing platform for African voices, and an opportunity to tell the world a very different story about the continent.Malinga, 32, is one of 14 film makers from South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya who are contributing to the anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories set in Africa’s future. Oscar-winning film director Peter Ramsey is serving as executive producer on the project. Their big break came in 2017 when their short animated film “A Kalabanda Ate My Homework” was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival and won six awards, including for best animation film, at the African International Film Festival in Nigeria the following year.