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Uganda Records an Increase in the Number of its Middle-class Citizens

According to a report from the Ugandan government, the number of Ugandans classed as middle-class residents have risen to 15.64 million. The information is courtesy of the Uganda National Household Survey (UNHS) and the Ministry of Finance’s Poverty Status Report, 2021. The study released a week ago after being introduced on February 9 indicated that at least 1.52 million Ugandans have entered the middle class, and they “had secured better livelihoods compared to the period ended 2017.” According to the research, the rise represents a “good trend compatible with Uganda Vision 2040,” with the number of middle-class Ugandans rising from 14.12 million during the period ended 2017 to 15.64 million in 2022. A middle-class society, according to the study, is one that has a sustainable quality of living and a low probability of sliding into poverty. In other words, it is characterized by real income growth that is consistent with a middle-income economy.