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Two Bodies Believed To Be The Missing Stellenbosch Couple Found By Police

Two bodies were discovered in a vehicle driven by the missing Stellenbosch couple on Monday, October 24.

Leila Lees, 18, and Ethan Kirkland, 19, went missing on Friday, October 21, and their families and friends have been searching for them ever since. According to News24, the bodies were discovered in a quarry near The Niche apartment complex, on the corner of Bird and Paul Kruger.

The vehicle was discovered earlier in the day on Monday, and friends and family have gathered around it.

The police, fire department, and ambulance were also on the scene, which the police have since cornered.

The car was discovered in a wreck inside a large pit filled with water, according to TimesLIVE.
Residents have expressed concern about the large pit, pointing out how dangerous it could be.