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Twitter CEO Clarifies his Moving to Africa Tweet

Twitter Inc Chief Executive Officer Dorsey Jack says he is reconsidering a proposed stint in Africa this year due to coronavirus concerns, walking back his plans amid a call by activist investor Elliott Management for his ouster. Dorsey tweeted in November, as he was wrapping up a shorter trip through Africa that he was planning to move to the continent for three to six months in mid-2020. The tweet raised concerns among investors over how Dorsey would continue to run San Francisco-based Twitter and mobile payments company Square, which he also leads, from afar. Dorsey said Thursday that he had made a mistake in failing to explain his reasons for wanting to spend time in Africa. He said Africa’s growing population and his belief in the benefits of a “distributed model” of work across time zones made the move desirable. “My intention is not to go over and just hang out or take a sabbatical, but actually everything I’m doing in San Francisco, doing on another continent,” Dorsey said.