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Turkiye, Malaysia Backs SA’s Genocide Case Against Israel

Turkiye is the latest country after Malaysia to give its support to South Africa’s genocide case against Israel, launched in the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

In a statement issued by its foreign affairs department on Wednesday afternoon, it says the killing of more than 22,000 Palestinians should not go unpunished.

The Turkish government added that those responsible must be held accountable under international law.

At the same time, France which has assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council for January said it would respect any decision taken by the UN court.

Palestinian militant group Hamas on Wednesday reported that one of its most senior leaders, Saleh al-Arouri, was killed in a blast in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.

In a statement issued by Malaysia’s foreign affairs office, it said that South Africa’s legal action against Israel was a tangible step towards accountability for atrocities committed in the Palestinian territories.

Malaysia said that as a fellow state party to the United Nation’s genocide convention, it was calling on Israel to fulfil its obligations under international law and to immediately end atrocities against Palestinians.

Meanwhile, in New York, the United Nation’s new president of the security council, France’s Nicolas de Riviere, said that his country held the International Court of Justice in high regard.

“We will see what they decide on this matter, and we will make sure we support the outcome of the decision.”

South Africa’s application is set to be heard in the Hague next week Thursday.