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Tunisian President’s Speech was Essentially the “Great Replacement” Theory, but with a Local Twist

A little more than 10 years ago, calls for freedom and human rights in Tunisia triggered the Arab spring. Today, black migrants in the country are being attacked, spat at and evicted from their homes. The country’s racism crisis is so severe that hundreds of black migrants have been repatriated. For scale, the black migrant population in Tunisia is about 21,000 out of a population of 12 million, and yet a sudden fixation with their presence has taken over. A general hysteria has unleashed a pogrom on a tiny migrant population whose members have little impact on the country’s economics or politics – reports from human rights organisations tell of night-time raids and daylight stabbings. Hundreds of migrants, now homeless, are encamped, cowering, outside the International Organization for Migration’s offices in Tunis as provocation against them continues to swirl.