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Tunisian City Attracts a New Type of Tourist

There are some cities in the world where tourists don’t need to step into a museum to come across art pieces. The town of Erriadh on the southern Tunisian resort island of Djerba is one of them. A collective of artists have used old buildings, houses and walls as their canvas. Be them pottery or landscape paintings, the murals visible at every corner of the town offer a glimpse into different universes. “Djerbahood is a village where around 150 artists, even a little more, have come to express themselves, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the gallery owner and organiser of “Djerbahood” details. Street artists from around 34 nationalities have come to express themselves in a village that has 2,000 years of history; the choice of the setting has a lot of meaning.” New colorful murals spreading across dozens of meter on the wall appear frequently. In 2022, Invader and El Seed were two of the new additions to the street artists collective. The influential American artist Shepard Fairey who’s better known as Obey also participated in this year’s project.