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Tshwane Residents Complain About Lack Of Service Delivery, ‘Selfish Politicians’

Tshwane Residents Complain About Lack Of Service Delivery, ‘Selfish Politicians’

Some Tshwane residents have called on politicians in the council to put what they called their “selfish agendas” aside and focus on what they have been elected for.

It’s been three months since the African National Congress (ANC) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) moved to unseat the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) mayor and speaker through a motion of no confidence in council.

Some Tshwane residents said the political battle over the control of the city was impacting negatively on service delivery. Political parties in the metro were at each other’s throats since last year.

There were more than four attempts by the ANC and EFF to remove DA office bearers with motions of no confidence, but all failed to materialise.

One Mamelodi resident said some projects had come to a halt as a result of selfish politicians.

“Because of the political battles, service delivery has stopped,” he said.

Another resident from Centurion said politicians only worried about their pockets and themselves and had forgotten about voters.

“They are very selfish and they don’t think about us residents. They only think about people when elections come,” he said.

It remained to be seen whether the next council meeting planned for later this week would go ahead.