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Tsholofelo Mophosho’s SheBeen Experience At Rockerfella In Molapo Soweto

I wasn’t aware of the renovations at the local groove place until a colleague who lives in the far East
of Johannesburg, told me about it, lol.

I had seen her status updates so knew the revamp that Brutal Fruit had done, but boy did I get an
great experience, from the welcome, to the friendly waitress who explained the menu and the Brutal
Fruit “specials”, the manager checking up on us and a big bonus was that the waitresses were willing
to take pictures (they take good pictures).

I was impressed with the prices, basically we were getting our normal kasi outing prices but in a posh

I liked that the patrons, embraced the new Shebeen look and feel by dressing up as if they were
revelling out of town.

I went on a Sunday, a day known for mellow RnB tunes and the playlist lived up to that vibe.

The aesthetics give a warm fun, sexy feel even in the bathroom. They understand that ladies on a day
or night out take pictures and they need the right spaces for that, the bathroom mirror allowed us to
be content creators. The blush, pink tones know for Brutal Fruit really worked for me, even the
branded glasses were cool.

I literally felt safe, away from the unwanted attention that usually takes place at such
establishments. Knowing what women need during a toilet break, the bathroom was kitted with all
the things we need soft toilet papers, hand wash and lotions and tampons, I would give them a 10/10
for that. They pulled it off well.

The pop-up is open Thursday-Sunday for the duration of August, which is women’s month in South