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Try This Grape Tarragon Spritzer from Bryant Terry’s ‘Black Food’

For his newly released book ‘Black Food,’ James Beard Award winning chef, Bryant Terry, has collected the perspectives and recipes of 100 experts on the foods of the African diaspora. Among the offerings is the author’s own invention for a tantalizing mocktail based on an unexpected pairing of tarragon and grape. Amidst the 100 Black voices featured in the book, Terry included a few recipes of his own, including one for a Grape-Tarragon Spritzer, which is also featured in his fourth book, Afro-Vegan. Grape and tarragon aren’t two flavors one would usually think to pair together, but in the book, Terry writes, “The anise-like flavor of tarragon syrup and sweet grape juice go well together in this refreshing, modern drink.”