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Tripoli Builds A Place for Joy and Happiness

The project organiser behind Libya’s first skatepark which opened over the weekend in Tripoli says that it was a dream come true because skaters in the country had wanted to build a skatepark there “since about 2013”. “It’s a place where there are skateboarders who are interested in promoting the sport in their country and they really wanted one,” Samantha Robinson from MakeLifeSkateLife said. She said the sport was quite popular in Tripoli, and before the park people used to do it on the street, but this can be dangerous. “Creating a safe space that’s also one that is open and inviting to young people as well as girls was the goal here.” The park is decked with equipment as well as ramps, rails and flat bars, she said. MakeLifeSkateLife has also set up programmes with local skateboarders to teach classes. She said the purpose behind building the park was to bring people “joy” and “happiness”.