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Tremors Felt In Cape Town After Earthquake Reported Off Coast

The City of Cape Town’s residents reportedly experienced tremors on Saturday night after, according to the US Geological Survey, a slight earthquake was felt in certain parts of the city.

A second tremor has hit parts of Cape Town on Sunday morning following Saturday’s occurrence.

The US Geological Survey issued an advisory on Saturday night, in which it warned to exercise caution in the coming hours “after a magnitude 6.2 offshore earthquake struck at approximately 19.10 (local time) on 26 September”.

The Cape Town Disaster Risk Management Centre said the tremor did not appear to have impacted infrastructure or public safety.

But the US Geological Survey said the tremor, which originated about 1,600 kilometres from the south-east coast of the country – presents no threat of a tsunami.

There have been no reports of casualties or extensive damage caused.