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Travelling Home from Morocco by Train, Boat and Bus

Going slower when we visit Europe is a romantic tribute to a slower way of exploring. The challenge is: it can be a hard sell when you could do the same hop with a bargain low-cost airline ticket. On a recent trip, CN Traveler’s sustainability editor Juliet Kinsman documents how her journey from North Africa became a slow-travel adventure when I enlisted specialists who plan plane-free itineraries with stops at charming locally owned hotels. She’s broken her trip into two parts. During the first, she used Intrepid, who chaperoned her with a private tour guide from Morocco to Madrid. For the second, she travelled using Byway, who booked logistics and lodgings while she travelled solo with no commitments and no guide. Both are responsible eco-conscious B Corp-certified travel operators – who converted what would have been a complicated multi-stop journey by train, bus and boat into slow-travel gold.