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Tosin Oshinowo and Chrissa Amuah Launch Collection of Conceptual Headpieces

With COVID elevating the topic of mask wearing to an all-time high, designers Tosin Oshiowo and Chrissa Amuah embarked on an exhibition of conceptual headpieces. Debuting at last December’s Design Miami, ‘Freedom to Move’ celebrated the tradition of African masks as a form of self-expression with the added benefit of protection. The brief was to create an object of our times. From the very beginning the idea of the African mask was strong in our minds. So many diverse cultures and languages exist in Africa, but what’s very uniform across all is the of symbolism of the face. With that—and the need to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth to help stop the spread of the virus—our approach was clear. The collection comprises three styles—Egaro, Pioneer Futures, and Ògún—in various iterations that blend 3D printing; traditional metal casting; materials like bronze, leather, and acrylic; and hand-beading, laser-etching, and West African–style embroidery.