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Top US University Learns an African Language

Yale University will co-sponsor two meetings of the African Linguistics school for Collaborative Training and research on African Linguistics. The African Linguistics School involves the study and preservation of African languages and the features of all human languages. The programme makes connections for artificial intelligence to swift recognition by studying a broader array of languages. The first meeting is set to take place in July 2021 in the Republic of Benin.The Happiness Project is a health action for psychiatric problems in Nigeria including Epilepsy and substances. It seeks to integrate mental health treatment into primary health care using a standardized WHO tool, said Theddeus Iheanacho, M.D, associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University. The program has been recorded to have trained clinicians from at least 5 local governments, 14 primary care clinics and over 36 health care workers within the last 18 months.