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Top Tips For Planning Your Summer Family Holiday

  • 4 min read

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start planning that year-end family holiday. With working from home, virtual lessons or no lessons at all for many children, a massive shift in what we regarded as normal, and just generally trying to get through 2020 with our sanity intact, it’s entirely possible that there’s been a shift in your family dynamic. It’s time to regroup, refresh and unwind together after this crazy year, and what better way than a leisurely summer vacation? 

We chatted to Michelle Cyster, Front Office Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, who shared her top tip for how to plan the best-possible family getaway – especially if the Mother City is your destination of choice.

  1. Take heed of everyone’s input

“Not everyone in the family is the same, and would want the same type of holiday,” notes Cyster. “So it’s important to choose a destination or location that has a little something for everyone in your family.” 

Cape Town, for example, is a perfect example. Families can do everything from hiking together or enjoying a cooking lesson together, to painting ceramics and so much more. It’s a city that offers a little bit of everything. A quick search for the word “family” on the Cape Town Tourism website delivers a range of fun family things to do in and around the Mother City. 

  1. Choose accommodation that will make life easier for you all 

“You’ve spent the entire year cooking and cleaning a lot more than usual, so why not choose accommodation that will take care of all of that for you,” suggests Cyster. 

A hotel is always a good option in this regard. Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, for example, offers Wifi, a pool, an amazing location, excellent room service and a great on-site restaurant. 

There are also rooms with private balconies that offer sea views and a safe way of enjoying stunning views, with not many people around. Hotels also have stricter health and safety measures in place at the moment and in many cases, these are implemented on group level, so it’s according to international standards. Radisson Hotel Group, for example, has its Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol, a new program of in-depth cleanliness and disinfection procedures, to ensure guests’s safety throughout their stay. 

  1. Dine at family-friendly restaurants

“Children can be picky, so restaurants that are used to catering to families are best for this type of holiday,” Cyster notes. “I might be biased here, but hotel restaurants are so great at catering to families. There is always something for everyone on the menu!”

That being said, however, there are many family-friendly spots all across South Africa. Do your research ahead of time and you won’t come up short when you’re all feeling the hunger pangs.

  1. Plan some activities ahead of time

“The best part of family holidays are the fun activities,” says Cyster. “For my family of five, the City Sightseeing Red Bus is a favourite as it takes you all around the Peninsula. It’s a great way to see so much of Cape Town, without having to waste valuable leisure time looking for parking or navigating unknown roads.”

Other fun family adventures in Cape Town include a trip to Cape Point for a walk or even to enjoy some of the great beaches there, a day visiting the penguins at Boulders Beach, a walk along the Promenade in Sea Point, a day out at the V&A Waterfront, and so much more. There’s no shortage of things to keep you busy in Cape Town. 

  1. Plan some time away from the children

“I know that family holidays are meant to be spent as a family, but some time away from the children can do wonders for the parents, and so also the quality of the rest of the holiday,” says Cyster. 

Hotels can often arrange a babysitter (at an extra cost) which allows for parents to enjoy some time alone pool-side sipping cocktails, relaxing in the spa, or sharing a romantic dinner. Having time away from the children is important for parents, and what better time than while on holiday in a stunning location?