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Top Ten Highest-ranking Ports in Africa

Ports are the lifelines of global trade, serving as hubs that connect producers, suppliers, and consumers across continents. They provide a platform for the efficient exchange of goods, fostering economic growth and development worldwide. By providing berthing facilities, cargo handling equipment, and logistical services, ports facilitate the movement of commodities, manufactured goods, and raw materials, enhancing global trade networks. As a result, it is important to know which ports are the most effective based on credible metrics. To this end, the World Bank, for three years in a row now, has taken the liberty of assessing ports all across the globe and releasing a report based on the assessment. The Container Port Performance Index (CPPI), which is based on the amount of time a vessel spends at a port, should be viewed as an indicator rather than a final indicator of container port performance. A port must have recorded at least 24 legitimate port calls for which port hours may be estimated throughout the course of the whole calendar year in order to be eligible for inclusion in the CPPI. 348 ports are included in the primary index of the 434 ports for which S&P Global received port call information.