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Togolese Start-up Develops the First African Solar Sizing Software

After 5 years of studies, they discovered that the classical photovoltaic sizing calculation system had several inconsistencies that their software aims to correct. Alain Tossa, the technical director of KYA-Energy Group, says “We have noticed three concrete shortcomings. First, the energy balance. In the classical sizing method, there is no certain classification according to the use of energy. These elements have reinforced our analysis that we are now in the process of doing and so all this has enabled us to implement it to design a new method that we call “The KEG method” of sizing which is embedded in KYA SOL DESIGN the 1st African software of size calculations.” With their tests enabling them to better understand how the systems function, they realise that as opposed to storing energy to power equipment i.e. large batteries, the real need is for short-term smoothing storage to regulate the energy supply. Hence reducing costs in terms of investment in solar energy.