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Tinubu’s Government has Inherited Dire Internal Security Challenges

Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently appointed new military service chiefs alongside a new national security adviser and inspector general of police. They are expected to play a critical role in the national security architecture of the new administration. The appointment means the president has a technical team to assist him in securing the country. Public expectation of the team is quite high. This is because of the precarious state and trajectory of Nigeria’s national security over the years. These include terrorism, banditry, a farmer-herder crisis, communal conflicts and militancy. There is also separatist violence in the south-east. The public appears to have welcomed the new appointments, especially as they seem to represent a fairly balanced national spread. Almost all the geo-political zones of the country are represented. They include the south-east, which was left out of such appointments during the eight years of Muhammadu Buhari’s reign. The inclusive spread is crucial for national cohesion. It gives the various parts of the country a sense of belonging. This allays the fear of ethnic or sectional domination or marginalisation.