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TikTok Commits To Digital Upskilling In SA With New Initiative

  • 3 min read

Leading short-form mobile video platform, TikTok, is launching its SkillsUP campaign today in a drive to empower the local community with tips on useful digital skills. Tapping on the potential of the platform to captivate the new generation through an engaging format of content, the SkillsUP webinar, which starts on 1 August, is the first in a series of sessions specially designed to offer digital skills training to the local community in order to advance career development.

The first webinar will be broadcast live on TikTok South Africa’s official account this coming Saturday, from 6-7:30 pm, and will cover the vocational and life digital skills that can be applied both in the professional workspace and everyday life.

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok Content Operations Manager, Africa, says that as a technology company designed around digital innovation and possibilities, TikTok is not only committed to educating and upskilling its community when it comes to all things digital, but is also dedicated to encouraging creativity on the platform using the variety of technology tools available. “We believe it’s important for all South Africans to have the opportunity to access knowledge and information that can help them advance their current digital skillset for both professional and personal gain, especially as it’s likely many local businesses will require at least some basic level of digital skill from future employees.

“Through this project, TikTok wants to empower local users, giving them access to experts and educational information in a fun and entertaining learning environment. In doing this, we believe that we can also help grow the local digital workforce.”

Sidwaba explains that during the 90-minute session, topics to be covered include influencer marketing do’s and don’ts; building your personal brand as a creator; data and analytics; and internet safety. “The information received during these talks will not only help individuals unlock their content creation abilities on the platform, but will also equip them with the right skills to connect and engage with the global TikTok community in a more creative digitally-savvy way.

“Saturday’s panel of guest speakers includes digital experts Xolani Waxx Sedibe from Digify Africa; Oresti Patricios from OrnicoGroup; and Kudzi Chikumbu, Director of Creator Community at TikTok. From Kudzi, attendees can look forward to receiving great insights into using TikTok to grow your personal brand as well as general best-practice tips. At the end of the talk, attendees will also have the opportunity to pick the brains of these experts in a live Q&A session.”

Sidwaba adds that it remains TikTok’s mission to inspire and bring joy to its community of users, helping them to better express their creative ideas both on and off the platform, and that through the SkillsUP training sessions, this goal can be achieved.