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Three Tshwane Cops Killed In Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver

Three Tshwane metro police officers have been killed in a head-on collision during a high-speed chase with a suspected drunk driver.

According to the TMPD, the incident happened around 2am on Sunday morning when Tshwane Metro Police officers spotted a vehicle driving recklessly and facing oncoming traffic in the Pretoria CBD.

The officers tried to stop the vehicle, which was driving to the westerly direction, but the driver continued and officers gave chase.

The officers called for back-up and they were joined in the chase by a TMPD team, which was in the area where the vehicle was heading. The TMPD vehicle had three male officers inside.

The TMPD vehicle that was giving back up was then involved in a head-on collision with the vehicle being pursued.

TMPD’s Isaac Mahamba said empty alcohol bottles were found in the suspect’s vehicle.