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This Simple Sauce Recipe Makes Good Grilling Great. Its Chef Says It’s All About Love and Honesty

Born in Benin but living in southern France for more than 20 years, chef Georgiana Viou has adhered to a simple principle when it comes to cooking. If a dish is made with love and honesty, it will always be good. For the diners who make regular pilgrimages to her restaurant, Rouge, they are clearly tasting the love. In this interview, she shares the ingredients that bring her magical cooking to life, and a recipe for a spicy grilling sauce she calls Kipikpa. Her pantry is always stocked with: olive oil, palm oil, vinegar, tomato paste, gherkins, red pepper paste, mustard, brown sugar, black chocolate for dessert, flour, honey, dried hibiscus flowers, fleur de sel, black pepper, rice, pasta. And ingredients from Benin like gari or tapioca. Plus her mother’s secret special spice powder—and no, she’s not giving you the recipe!