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This Online Platform is a One-Stop Shop for African Fashion

Only two years old, Industrie Africa has become a virtual encyclopedia of African fashion.  Formed with the intention of changing the world’s perceptions about African fashion, the site has become an invaluable resource for information on the top talents across the space. They have now taken things to the next level with the introduction of online shopping, creating a mechanism for getting these designs into homes across the world. Of the newbies, Ivorian designer Awa Meité is well worth getting to know. Handwoven and hand-dyed by local artisans, her fringed maxi skirts and puff-sleeved tops set centuries-old techniques on an entirely new path. Nigerian shoe brand Shekudo is another standout. Their colorful made-in-Lagos mix-media slides and midi-heels give the current yen for minimalist ’90s-style footwear a fresh jolt, thanks to the combination of upcycled leather and aso-oke, the traditional woven fabric of the Yoruba people.