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This Nigerian Comic Is Getting alot of Love on TikTok with the ‘Don’t Leave Me’ Challenge

What started out as just a fun play on words has turned into a TikTok sensation. Nigerian comedian, Josh Alfred (josh2funny) posted a clever skit featuring a series of puns involving the word ‘leave.’  Having gone viral with over 500,000 views to date, his video has prompted others to join in the ‘Don’t LEAVE me’ challenge, resulting in a wide range of posts that have garnered 2 billion views.  Alfred told CNN that he has been making similar skits since 2018 but decided to do the now-viral one differently with added humor. In the skit, he is seen standing on leaves from a tree, and when asked by his friend and camera operator, Bello Khabir, to say something to the camera, he joked that he couldn’t because he was “on leave.” His friend’s chants of “Don’t leave me” as Alfred walked away at the end of the video is what gave the challenge its name.