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This Moroccan Desert Oasis is the Perfect Otherworldly Escape

Caravan Agafay is the latest hotel by the Habitas group, who have carved a niche with their sustainable-yet-luxurious eco retreats for travellers who eschew the usual bells-and-whistles amenities in favour of communal vibes and engagement with nature. Set among the lunar dunes of the Agafay desert, yet only a 45-minute car drive from Marrakech, this is a resort for those who prefer to dodge downtown Marrakech’s sensory explosions in favour of quiet, laid-back, Berber surroundings within toe-poking distance of the big city. The Agafay desert and Atlas Mountains make for a vast and beautiful playground. Activities include horse riding, camel trekking (with an escort who takes surprisingly artful photos of you mounted on your saddle), and e-bike tours through quartz-filled dunes and eucalyptus groves.