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This is a Big Deal in Africa’s Most Populous Nation

Nigeria currently has a doctor-patient ratio of 1-to-6,000 (the World Health Organization recommends 1-to-600). This results in serious delays in treatment, often because of access or cost. This often dangerous situation prompted Dr. Charles Akhimien and Dr. Emmanuel Owobu, who is also a social entrepreneur, to create a low-cost platform that quickly connects mothers to medical advice. Omomi (meaning “my child”) is a mobile app, web and SMS-based platform that provides virtual health care services to pregnant women and mothers of young children. Subscribers can expect basic antenatal care, postnatal care and other child health care services. The app also includes guidance on family planning, breastfeeding, food supplementation and diarrhea management. Plus there are other handy tools like a fertility calculator and child immunization and growth trackers — with encouraging words and motivation along the way.