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This Innovative Mozambique Resort is a Triumph in Sustainable Design

The mission for Kisawa, a new resort on Benguerra Island off the coast of Mozambique, was simple.  Make it appear one with its natural surroundings, utilize local materials, and reflect the area’s culture. Although simple is rarely simple, Kisawa achieved its goals beautifully and sustainably, resulting in its being heralded as the first 3D printed resort. Nina Flohr used the technology to make building materials from what was already at hand: namely, sand and seawater. This mortar became the blocks used to realize everything from the natural texture of some façades to the floors to the soaking tubs in the guest bathrooms. Flohr also sourced from farther afield, wanting to “celebrate African craft from across the continent.” She collected clay pots made by the Nupe tribe in Nigeria and chairs hand-carved by the Makonde people in Tanzania. Other antiques and artworks were picked up in Senegal and Ghana.