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This ‘Experiential Dinner’ Serves Some of the Best Nigerian Food in LA

In Los Angeles, chef and raconteur, Tolu Erogbogbo, (aka Chef Eros) serves up delicious West African cuisine and equally compelling stories in what he calls “experiential dinners.” Consisting of seven courses, the meal showcases traditional Nigerian dishes that he has contemporized, enhanced and presented beautifully for the Instagram generation. Of course, a good meal is no replacement for exploring Nigeria in person, but Eros hopes that dinner at Ilé is the next best thing. This communal dining experience is, in a way, a recreation of his happiest childhood memories, when cousins and grandparents and aunties and uncles would regularly crowd around one table to feast on whole roasted chicken, coconut rice spiced with crayfish, and afia efere, a white soup thickened with pounded yams and gently sweetened with Aiden fruit. Storytelling was as integral to the occasion as the food on the table.