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This Duo Designed Almost Every Piece of Furniture in Their Nairobi Home

Most of us don’t have the wherewithal to make our own furniture, but for a creative couple in Nigeria, their only limit was their imagination. When Uli Janen and Judith Odhanjo couldn’t find their ideal furnishings for their new home in Kenya, they literally took matters into their own hands. “We needed a spot where we could chill,” says Jänen. After moving from Germany in January of last year, the couple was starting from scratch on the furniture front—which was fine by them. They had taught themselves how to build pieces for their former place through good old-fashioned trial and error. “We can’t say we knew everything we wanted to put into our designs right away,” admits Odhanjo. “We were just asking people to make stuff for us and didn’t really like how it turned out.” Kenyan decor tended to be a bit too dark and heavy for the color-loving pair; they preferred to blend the country’s influences with the Bauhaus vibes of their life in Frankfurt.