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This Climate Activist wants to Be Known as Mama Africa

Women in Africa—particularly those from rural and conflict-prone areas—are among the most vulnerable populations. Because they are victims of changing temperatures and desertification, one would think they are overrepresented in formal studies and jobs in this field. But this is not happening. Safiatou Traoré is a role model for many young women in Mali and in other parts of the Sahel, and she is proud to be seen as an inspiration for a younger generation of climate activists. When she was a little girl, she dreamt of saving people and nature alike. “When I was very young, my mother would take me on vacation to visit her parents who were living in the countryside,” she remembers. “Holidays in Mali are during the winter seasons and therefore come at the time of year agricultural activities are being implemented. Safiatou says that communicating about climate in a way that speaks to poorer people is essential. Her dream is to become a green “Mama Africa”, the name of one of her favourite songs by reggae singer Lucky Dube.SOURCE: TRUE AFRICA