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These Vintage-inspired Lines Whisk Travelers through Asia, Africa, and Europe

Over the last 20 years, budget airlines and bullet trains have been blamed for rendering longer, slower services obsolete. The romance of railways seemed to be dying, particularly in Europe. But since the pandemic, travelers are increasingly embracing slow travel and the notion that taking trains can reduce their carbon footprints. Private companies as well as state-owned operators have started popping up, betting that the future can be bright for the sleeper train. In 2023, Accor will get in on the nostalgia, launching Orient Express La Dolce Vita, six trains inspired by Italy’s glamorous 1960s, on routes including Rome to Paris; Split, Croatia; and Istanbul. Elsewhere, Rovos Rail’s luxe new “African Trilogy” itinerary—a 15-day ramble across South Africa to the Namibian coast.