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These Upscale Resorts are Ideal for Anyone Craving Time in Nature

The jungle experience doesn’t get much more immersive than the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Volcanoes Safari’s Bwindi Lodge is perched just above the forest canopy, offering dramatic views of the primeval forest and access to trekking with the mountain gorillas that live within. The luxury lodge prioritizes the preservation of this exceptional ecosystem, in part by working with the local community through its Partnership Trust. Ten bandas are available for booking, and they each include butler service and a 30-minute massage for each guest. At first glance, the idyllic coast of Príncipe, a tiny island off the west coast of Africa, only reveals white sand beaches, cerulean water, and copious palm trees. But that’s the way the HBD Príncipe’s hotel founder Mark Shuttleworth designed it. Take a closer look, and you’ll find that Sundy Praia’s 15 luxurious tented suites are inconspicuous among the foliage. HBD’s guests are immersed in Príncipe’s rainforest, which was moments away from being converted into a palm oil plantation before tourism arrived a decade ago.