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These Cash Crops Play a Vital Role in Africa’s Economy and Food Security

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database, agriculture contributes almost 20% to Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy, making it the region’s most significant economic sector. Africa is also home to 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, indicating that the continent has enormous potential for agricultural growth. Cassava is Africa’s most produced cash crop, with a yearly production of nearly 200 million tonnes, accounting for 63% of the global total. Although Africa only represents 5% of global sugar cane production, it is considered a crucial region for future expansion due to its high production potential, low cost, and proximity to European markets. Maize is Africa’s most important cereal crop and a significant staple food for over 1.2 billion people in SSA and Latin America. Yam production is 97% of the global total, with West Africa known as the “yam belt.” Rice is one of the most important basic foodstuffs in West and East Africa, but not enough is being cultivated to account for rapid population growth.